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Lots of things sound great in theoryand sink utilized. The NHL Awards show is just one of those techniques.

In 2009, the league moved all of the operation to Las vegas, nv. People like Vegas! Vegas is fun! Then, boom Chaka Khan. Flash forward five yearsand everything is still bad. They're bad. They're so bad the fact that show is barely worth hate-watching and that is at a dude who unabashedly loves not hockey, but hate-watching award shows.

MORE: Crosby cleans up |SN's full ballot

We determined that out through first running award show diary. It may po sibly be the final.

5:10 Over the NHL Network red carpet show, Kevin Weekes suggests a great deal more have eight or 10 outdoor games. Weekes is great, but he has got the lot wrong. Why go to 10? Supply the games outside! No indoor games! You will need to may have an internal Cla sic. Everyone will like it.

5:18 The endle s parade of trophies within Nick Marshall Jersey the carpet and into the Wynn has started. They may be like old-timey coffeemakers.

5:27 Why can't I wear a red linen suit? P.K. Subban has the many fun.

Swipe right.

Also, Barry Melrose is openly covetous of Subban's outfit. Your next hours will be everything regarding Barry Melrose. We're able to feel it of our own bones.

5:47 The Sidney Crosby apology tour produces a red carpet stop. He's settled towards a groove: The Penguins' latest playoff collapse stings, he feels in control of Dan Bylsma and Ray Shero losing their jobs, etc. "You know ultimately the coach as well as GM pay for the price when team doesn't deliver," he told New York Jets NFL Jersey Melrose and Kathryn Tappen.

He also confirms the: "We have a great deal pre sure and expectation, we probably didn't see the proce s this current year."

Also, Melrose asks Crosby if he keeps in contact with Evgeni Malkin through the offseason. Crosby mentioned the current picture Malkin took that has a whale shark, smiledand said, "He looks pretty busy."

Tappen, meanwhile, counters Melrose with, "They become ill of one another, like us!" Came from the tongue pretty easily. A tad too easily.

5:50 Tampa Bay's Ondrej Palat and Tyler Johnson are nominated for the Calder Trophy. They seem to be wearing the equivalent suit.

Also, this dude.

5:55 Then, we have around the Barry Melrose Comedy Hour is Lightning coach Jon Cooper. He's the best. The PHWA doesn't prefer the Jack Adams, and that's fine. The selection between Cooper and Mike Babcock would've been tough.

6:04 Semyon Varlamov, a Vezina finalist, carries the Ru sian Goaltender Tuxedo torch lit by Sergei Bobrovsky last season.

6:10 Tuukka Rask, another Vezina finalist, on what he's carried out to cause Finland's solid goaltending tradition: "I think we're just crazy people."

6:30 Melrose to Alex Ovechkin: "Does Ru sia have got a Vegas Santonio Holmes Jersey -type city where all of the Ru sians pay a visit to gamble and drink vodka?" Ovechkin mi sed it funny.

6:42 Most likely the highlight of your preshow: Ducks center and Hart Trophy finalist Ryan Getzlaf confirming with Weekes that they tells teammates, "Go on the net and I'll turn you into rich." He made himself pretty loaded with accomplishing this, too.

7:00 George Stroumboulopoulos, the facial skin of Rogers' NHL coverage, starts things off. He's in a no-win situation. This absolutely should halt how non-Canadian hockey fans meet him. He deserves better. We all deserve better.

7:09 Crosby provides each initially two almost definitely boring acceptance speeches. He won the Ted Lindsay Award, voted on with the players.

7:19 What's worse compared to performance by Phillip Phillips? A taped performance by Phillip Phillips.

7:25 Patrice Bergeron accepts the Selke Award that he deserved, however is not by that much, over Anze Kopitar to "Work" by Iggy Azalea. The NHL Awards.

7:27 Stroumboulopoulos shows some welcome self-awarene s and cracks a faiytale relating to the length of the show. As he comes with the chance, he's going to be good at this.

7:43 Doc Emrick, "calling" a bubble hockey game between Bishop and Rask using what is clearly a hostage situation. He blinks "H-E-L-P-M-E" in Morse code whilst throws it to commercial.

7:50 Ovechkin accepts the Rocket Richard Trophy and thanks Adam Oates: "He don't have a job at this moment, so " No. No he doesn't. He should really be with a staff as a general power-play specialist, but he does not acquire job immediately.

7:56Andrew Ference, Bergeron and Dustin Brown get on stage acknowledge the King Clancy, NHL Foundation and Me sier leadership awards, respectively. Waiting around for po sibilities Adam Graves, Me sier and Cuba Gooding Jr.

As covered elsewhere, everything about Gooding's night was perfect. He should host the show. He or she are actually banned from NHL events via his life, but he should host the show. Adam Graves standing there, with fear on his eyes and also a smile frozen on his face, was the highlight of one's night. Thanks for your time, Cuba. "Chill Factor" was great.

8:05 This is often over the point:Emrick, apparently released by his captors, and Ed Olczyk show up on stage to announce Joe Namath Jersey Bergeron as the NHL 15 cover athlete and introduce The Jabbawockeez, a hip-hop dance troupe. Much like the remainder of the celebrities, these people were there For Some Reason. The performance was fine, however it runs long, as well as Emrick/Olczyk/Bergeron exit is abrupt and awkward.

8:10 Chris Pronger and actor David Boreanaz were the most effective presenting pair of night time, largely since they did actually like one another. It's so simple. Pronger requires to be on television. Duncan Keith wins the Norris and has now his acceptance speech take off. He's not happy relating to this. Blame Cuba.

Also, he probably shouldn't have won.

8:20Zoned out temporarly. Patrick Roy won the Jack Adams Award. Difficult to get mad regarding this, but Cooper and Babcock deserved it, too.

8:26 Pia Toscana, the Kings' anthem singer, introduces Matisyahu, whom we last heard from at the frat event from the University of Maryland in 2008. He shaved his beard. Great.

For a concise, shining moment, it seemed as if Kings gm Dean Lombardi would emerged on stage with Matisyahu. We can easily dream.

8:43Subban creates a quick alteration to help present the reccommended manager of the season award, which works to Anaheim's Bob Murray. Ray Shero won that last season, and hubby doesn't have a their employment anymore.

Murray features a nice line for Lombardi: "I'll trade him, everyday every week."

8:48 Rask, predictably, wins the Vezina. He almost forgets saying thanks to his girlfriend, but recovers. He's has a weird week.

8:58 Jeremy Kerley Jersey Me sier returns to present the Hart, for reasons unknown. He's experienced stage well over Stroumboulopoulos and can in the proce s host the show after all this. Crosby wins and it you'd expect.

And then, Stroumboulopoulos closes which has a solidjoke about Lucic threatening to murder the Canadiens with a handshake line. He'll be fine. The occur still may not be.

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A couple months ago we released the Dashboard, which gave you quick acce s towards the stats that we thought were some of the most useful. Now you Kentrell Brice Jersey are able to build your very own!

If youre logged in and go to the new settings page, youll have the ability to decide which stats and the ordering (and separators), youd want to see first on any of the player pages.

There are also two other options.

Should you dont Herb Waters Jersey like the Dashboard at all, you now have the option to get rid of it entirely.

You can now hide minor league stats on major league players pages by default.

If you develop Vince Biegel Jersey a custom dashboard, but want to remove it, just clear all of your custom stats selections and it will be gone.

Its worth noting that you are not restricted to the amount of stats youd prefer to put in your custom dashboard, but space is limited at this time and its probably best if Jeremy Vujnovic Jersey you have them around 17 individual stats. Heres an example of the one Im currently using:

Please tell us should you encounter any problems (this is still considered a beta product) or Brett Hundley Jersey you have any suggestions.

6/3 Update: There was a bug that I accidentally introduced around 10am today. Everything should be working again.

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Ramon Ramirez

This Ricky Stanzi Jersey is the second time Ramirez will help out the National League West. Previously he spent the 2006 and part of the 2007 season using the Colorado Rockies. He performed well by FIP measures prior to being traded to Might. All of those other story is much more mainstream as he was dealt to Boston for Coco Crisp and it has since struggled to replicate that magical 2008 season. His numbers this season are actually pretty close to what they were in 2009 with the exception of an increased homer rate, hence why his Orleans Darkwa Jersey xFIP is actually lower this year by nearly one half run per nine.

In exchange, the Giants quit 24 year old Daniel Turpen. Hes a relief prospect with nice numbers in Double-A. Its safe to say this is the le ser of the outputs today by the Giants.

Javier Lopez

Heres the marquee deal and type of head scratcher. Lopez is a true blue side-arming left-handed specialist. Lopezs overall numbers are nothing special this season and digging deeper hes hade better results against righties than lefties, an abnormality in the career (his career FIP versus lefties is a full run lower). Lopez was a bargain bin pickup and not exactly something to stop talent for, yet thats what Brian Sabean did.

Joe Martinez gets groundballs against righties and struggles versus lefties. He uses low-90s, high-80s fastball plus a curve and alter. Hes only made 13 appearances in his major league career and 6 came like a starter. He seems prone to head to the bullpen where his Jerrel Jernigan Jersey upside might be a right-handed specialist.

That deal alone probably favors the Pirates. Somehow, Neal Huntington also grabbed John Bowker within the deal. Bowker isnt particularly valuable hes a 26 years old first baseman with 513 career plate appearances along with a .294 wOBA but theres something intriguing about his seemingly newfound ability to reach base Brett Jones Jersey . During the last two seasons in Triple-A (more than 600 plate appearances) Bowker has walked 97 times and struck out 101 times. Before that, Bowker had struck out 370 times while walking 136 times.

Hes older and maybe he never becomes not a tease. Still, as a throw-in the Pirates could do worse. The question is where hell experience the major league team with Garret Jones, Lastings Milledge, Jeff Clement, and eventually Ryan Kenrick Ellis Jersey Doumit splitting time in right field and first base. Then again, having a lot of potentially useful options is really a new thing for Pittsburgh.

The Giants didnt drastically overpay in either case, it simply seems like a case of tunnel vision within the Lopez deal.

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Brent Celek Jersey Like lots of free agents, Ivan Rodriguez is seeking a job. However, while most of the big names will eventually find work, even when its for under they'd hoped, it appears a minimum of somewhat likely that Pudge might be on the Kenny Lofton/Sammy Sosa forced retirement path. David Samson, president of the Marlins, recently stated that there's zero chance that Florida will sign Pudge, and the other teams with catching needs simply dont sound interested.

I find this beautiful strange, honestly. Over the final four years, Pudge has been worth 2.2, 2.5, 1.6, and 1.9 Derek Barnett Jersey wins, should you think that hes been average defensively. I know pitchers have reported having problems with his pitch calling, but hes still generally regarded as among the best defensive catchers ever its hard to suppose he could have declined so much Darren Sproles Jersey that his defense would remove all of his offensive value.

This is, in the end, a catcher who hasnt posted a wOBA below .300 since 1992. Those arent exactly scattered about around the waiver wire. Brad Ausmus, who just signed for $1 million using the Dodgers yesterday, has already established a wOBA of greater than .300 only one time this decade. His career wOBA is .298, when compared with Pudges .350. Ausmus found two suitors, so when the Padres lost him to LA, they considered Henry Blanco, who has a career .282 wOBA.

Both of these guys have good reputations for his or her work Nolan Carroll Jersey with pitchers, but that is apparently the only criteria teams are using when selecting which catchers to sign. Brian Westbrook Jersey Youd need to think that Pudge was the worst handler of pitchers of all time to make up for the offensive gap between him and guys like Ausmus or Blanco.

Clearly, theres something about Pudge that teams dont like. Much like with Kenny Lofton, though, hes definitely still a significant league caliber player who would like to keep playing. He may not have that chance, however.

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Im never really sure just how much to examine recent articles. Last week I wrote a TJ Jones Jersey lot about pitch comps. Compared Henderson Alvarezs changeup to Felix Hernandezs changeup. Compared guys to certain signature pitches like Aroldis Chapmans fastball and Clayton Kershaws slider. Wound up with this Marcus Stroman absurdity, by which Stroman is flattered by a few of the strongest comps hanging around. The fundamental idea: Stromans regular fastball shares exactly the same traits with Johnny Cuetos. His sinker shares exactly the same traits with Roy Halladays. His curveball shares exactly the same traits with Jose Fernandezs. And so forth. The whole idea was comparing pitches to other pitches based on average velocity, horizontal movement, and vertical movement. Its a little informative, and sometimes an enjoyable experience.

I desired to put together this follow-up, which serves to caution explore to make too a good comp. Theres more which goes right into a pitch than how it moves, and just how fast it moves. Theres definitely in addition to that, with regards to the way a pitch works inside a given repertoire of many pitches. And, our examples: Cole Hamels and J.A. Happ. Last week, after i ran some pitch comps, I found that Happs changeup blogs about the strongest with Hamels changeup. For one thing, we all know Happs changeup isnt just like Hamels changeup. For another thing, it is going deeper than this.

To nip this in the bud, how do we know Happs changeup isnt as good as Hamels changeup? Happ is a worse pitcher than Hamels is, and Happ also has thrown his changeup more infrequently than Hamels has. Thats basically all of the proof you need. If Happ were built with a better changeup, hed throw more changeups, and hed presumably be better overall. Now lets take this beyond just changeups.

Here are Cole Hamels pitches, from Brooks Baseball:

Four-seam fastballTwo-seam fastballChangeupCurveballCutter

Its a five-pitch repertoire, and Hamels makes lots of utilization of all his weapons. Hes primarily known for his change, only one of the reasons the changeup is so effective happens because hitters are left thinking about a variety of options. Using the Baseball Prospectus PITCHf/x leaderboards, I ran some pitch-comp analysis for Hamels pitches, checking other left-handed starters from 2014 who threw Anthony Zettel Jersey a minimum of 50 pitches from the given type.

Looking at Hamels four-seam fastball, the nearest comp? J.A. Happs four-seam fastball, with a comp rating of 0.4. Happ, interestingly, has been gaining velocity every year. Its a primary reason the Mariners sought him out. Happs fastball last season became Cole Hamels fastball.

Looking at Hamels two-seam fastball, or sinker, the nearest comp? Happs two-seam fastball, having a comp rating of 1.0. Its actually dead even with Wei-Yin Chens two-seam fastball.

Looking at Hamels changeup, well, weve already been over this, but, the closest comp? Happs changeup, having a comp rating of 0.6.

At last, looking at Hamels curveball, the closest comp is Jeff Locke, but Happs curve comes in fifth. Additionally, Hamels seems to have made some tweaks to his curve, since the movement changed several inches from the season before. Happs 2014 curve was a stronger comp for Hamels 2013 curve, and suffice to state Hamels in 2013 was also a good pitcher.

Now, the cutters arent great matches. Like Hamels, Happ does throw a cutter, but its slower, and it has more sink. Therefore the two pitchers arent completely identical. However the cutter is only part of the proce s, and on balance, J.A. Happs repertoire is a fantastic match for Cole Hamels. They to s the same five pitches, and 4 of them are strikingly similar, in how fast they fly, as well as in the way they break. And perhaps this isnt a surprise both Hamels and Happ were developed by the Phillies, and when Happ came around, Hamels was a recognised front-of-the-rotation starter. Im sure advice was requested Tavon Wilson Jersey . Im sure advice was given. Its not a total coincidence similar paths have led to similar styles.

Yet, Cole Hamels is undoubtedly an ace, while Happ simply fetched annually or two of Michael Saunders. Though Happ is useful, how come he fall short of the Hamels standard? Its all of those other stuff, which you can distill in to the word consistency if you want. Its one thing to throw similar pitches; its quite another to throw them similarly. Hamels and Happ have variations in their throwing motions, and they also have differences in how good they can locate. This isnt a total surprise, but some images might help. Service was provided by Baseball Savant. With regard to simplicity, the next images show just pitch locations against right-handed hitters.

I dont think the thing is ma sive variations in where Hamels and Happ take their fastballs and cutters.

Happs gotten pretty good with his fastball, as it has gained strength. Hamels went in from the plate a little more often, which youd expect from someone with a superior cutter, as well as the most part, here you observe similar patterns. On the other hand, listed here are where curveballs went:

Remember, this is just against righties, and you can see Hamels effectively back-footing a lot of his breaking balls. Happ left more curves within the middle, and the curveball finished up away more often. Through the numbers, I counted 57% of Hamels curveballs to righties winding up both low and inside. For Happ, I acquired 36%. A Ziggy Ansah Jersey number of this mightve been intent; lots of this, probably, was worse command.

And, the changeups:

That ought to be pretty telling. Against opposite-handed hitters, a pitcher almost always really wants to put his changeup somewhere in the low-away quadrant. Both pitchers succeeded in throwing a little over 70% of the changeups to righties away. But, while Happ threw 41% of his changeups to righties away and below the midpoint of the strike zone, Hamels arrived at 59%. Happ had more trouble not flying open, and that he struggled, relatively speaking, to keep the changeup through the knees. This explains why Hamels threw one changeup for every four pitches to some righty, while Happ what food was in one inch nine. Hamels threw the pitch that has a lot more confidence. With two strikes, the difference was more stark: Hamels threw 29% changeups, and Happ threw Ian Wells Jersey 8%.

To sum up what could not require summing up: J.A. Happ is really a worse starting pitcher than Cole Hamels is. Yet, Happ throws very similar pitches to Hamels pitches. The cutters are very different, but anything else is remarkably close, and so where do the differences come from? Hamels is just more consistent in experienceing this right throwing motion, while Happ wanders a little too much, in particular with his curve and his change. When Happ is really on his game, hell look nearly the same as a dominant Cole Hamels. Perhaps a dominant Cole Hamels who throws a few more fastballs than usual. But consistency is almost always the main difference between being sometimes good and being frequently good, despite the fact that the comps make Happ into an encouraging sleeper, hes also 32. So.

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Wholesale Bikini bomber’s outbursts disrupt jury selection in Detroit

DETROIT — The accused Christmas Day underwear lingerie china bomber’s request to be freed was denied Wednesday in court proceedings repeatedly disrupted by his yelling phrases including “Osama is alive,” The Detroit News reported.


Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who is defending Wholesale Bikini himself in one of the highest profile terror cases in the US since 9/11, made several outbursts during jury selection proceedings in a Detroit federal courthouse and propped his feet on the defense table, prompting courtroom security to intervene.

US District Judge Nancy Edmunds later reprimanded him, saying, “If you are asked to stand to address the jurors or address the court, you need to stand. Is that understood?”

Abdulmutallab, a 24-year-old Nigerian student, is accused of attempting to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner with a bomb concealed in his underwear on Christmas Day 2009.

Following the disruption, Abdulmutallab’s legal adviser, Anthony Chambers, asked for a competency exam for the terror suspect, a request that was denied by Edmunds. The judge questioned Abdulmutallab and said he was able to represent himself, the newspaper reported.

Edmunds also denied Abdulmutallab’s request to move the trial outside Detroit and to be freed, The Detroit News reported.

The Nigerian has argued he is being unlawfully held by the US government and submitted a handwritten request to Edmunds last month arguing he should only be judged by the law of the Koran.

Edmunds told prospective jurors Wednesday that she was not looking for jurors “who have never heard of this case.”

“We are looking for people … who are fair, objective and impartial,” she said, according to The Detroit News.

The 250 prospective jurors were observed by prosecutors, Abdulmutallab and Chambers via closed-circuit television as they filled out questionnaires in another room. Jury selection will begin Oct. 4, with opening statements scheduled to start Oct. 11.

Earlier Wednesday, Chambers said he wanted to ask potential jurors about their feelings and beliefs regarding the 9/11 attacks, telling The Detroit News that since the 10th anniversary of the terror attacks just passed, “It’s a factor that is clearly going to have to be addressed.”

As part of heightened security measures put in place for the proceedings, a bomb-sniffing dog swept the floor of the downtown Detroit courthouse where Edmunds’ courtroom is located, and a metal detector was placed outside the courtroom.

Abdulmutallab is accused of trying to kill nearly 300 people aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 253. He faces charges including conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism and attempted murder inside an aircraft and could be sentenced to life in prison.


Dakota Wholesale Corsets Johnson Sizzles In Sexy Lingerie  

Ooh la la! Dakota Johnson shows some skin as sexy lingerie supplier Anastasia in new pics from ‘Fifty Shades Darker' that you just have to see

 Check out Wholesale Sexy Underwear Dakota Johnson, 27, looking stunning in sexy black lace corset as Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel, Fifty Shades Darker due out Feb. 10. In the new pics, fans don't learn much more than what has already been in the trailers, but hey Ana and Christian are still nice to look at

In another pic, Dakota looks slightly worried, but so lovely in a crimson dress with spaghetti straps that perfectly matches her lipstick. Stunning! Then there's Dakota fondly gazing at someone (Christian?) in a man's button down with just a cute pair of panties on. So casual, but also so sexy

‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Premiere PICS — Dakota Johnson &MoreWe also get treated to some Jamie Dornan, 34, as Christian Grey, but he's not with Ana in one pic. He's standing with Kim Basinger, 63, who plays Elena Lincoln. What could she possibly be talking to Christian about? Hmmm. Kim looked super elegant in a black dress with white around the edges of her sleeves and a simple strand of pearls. We get a peak at another new character in the series, a distraught Leila Williams played by Bella Heathcote, 29.

What about that swoon-worthy pic of Ana and Christian with their foreheads pressed together? Aw! You got to love the photo of the couple clinking glasses of champagne next to a city view. It doesn't get any more romantic than that! There's one picture that's positively a Cinderella moment and that's Ana walking through a closet full of gorgeous evening gowns. Sigh! There's plenty of photos of Ana in chosen grey slinky silk gown and she's even got her masquerade mask on in some. All these new looks at Fifty Shades Darker just make us more excited to see it


Fantasie Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie AW14 introduces new styles

The new AW14 wholesale Christmas costumes collection from Fantasie has been launched and there are a couple of new styles that have taken our eye.


First is Ivana that comes as a padded corset skirts sets half cup bra or underwired balcony bra and has a bit of a retro 50's feel to it and fits from 32C – 38G. Its designed to give you some cleavage and lift and would make a great bra for evening out. There will also be a matching basque available together with brief, short or deep thong so putting together a set is nice and easy.

Echo Lace  is the other new style and it arrives as an underwired body and moulded full cup bra. The body is really nice, very figure flattering and has a built in moulded cup bra from extra support and comfort. It will fit from 30D – 36GG amd you can match it up with thong, brief or short.

You can see the new styles below together with some other pics of the collection and all this should be on the shelves late Summer.

There's more to read!Fantasie SS14, inspired by long Summer days Moments by Lingadore AW14 Elomi include retro styles up to 44H for SS14 Fantasie Lingerie Spring Summer 2012 Preview

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Ełczanin wrócił z medalami z Otwartych Mistrzostw Polski Kettlebell.

Zawody były rozgrywane w systemie Bolt Standard. 20 września w hali Kompleksu Sportowego Michał w Siemianowicach Śląskich odbyły się Otwarte Mistrzostwa Polski Kettlebell w systemie BOLT STANDARD.

Chełchy. Dożynki w gminie Ełk już za nami- podziękowaliśmy za plony

Świetnie się bawili dorośli, dzieci i młodzież Po mszy świętej podzielono się chlebem, zaś po przem wieniach przyszedłc czas na wspaniałą zabawę z okazji gminnego święta plon w. Tegoroczne dożynki

Diecezja Ełcka. 1000 plecaków najmłodszym uczniom podstawówek

Aby dzieci z rodzin, gdzie się nie przelewa, nie czuły się gorsze od r wieśnik w 22 sierpnia nastąpiło poświęcenie i przekazanie 1000 plecak w w ramach og lnopolskiej akcji, w kt rą odlat włączasię

Nadszedł dzień pożegnania.

Danuta Sawicka- Malz oficjalnie zakończyła pracę na stanowisku dyrektora Zespołu Szk ł nr 3 w Ełku. 27 sierpnia, w czasie Sesji Rady Powiatu, władze powiatu, radni oraz dyrektorzy ełckich szk ł ponad

Ełk. Poseł Makowski apeluje do władz miejskich, radnych Ełku oraz MZK

Zorganizujcie ludziom możliwość dojazdu do pracy na "strefie" Poseł ma pomysł jak usprawnić przew z pracownik w firm w ełckiej podstrefie Suwalskiej Specjalnej Strefie Ekonomicznej. Do tej inicjatywy

Prostki. Wernisaż i konkurs zwieńczone pysznymi ciastami

Świętowali zakończenie projektu W niedzielę 23 sierpnia 2015 w Gminnym Ośrodku Kultury w Prostkach młodzież uczestnicząca w projekcie pod nazwą Malujemy Przyszłość asertywni świętowała zakończenie

Ełk. Szansa na prezentacje produktów, dotarcie do klientów i pozyskanie partnerów w biznesie

Budujesz, remontujesz? Odwiedź Ełckie Targi Budownictwa i Odnawialnych Źr deł Energii Już 12 września 2015 roku w Parku Naukowo-Technologicznym w Ełku odbędzie się kolejna edycja Ełckich Targ w Budow