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Rockies star Nolan Arenado drove in his 100th run of the season on Aug. 11, and at the time he appeared set to not only claim his third consecutive league RBI crown, but to do so in historic fashion. But the top of the National League RBI race has undergone some changes since then. Arenado still leads with 111, but the company around him has gotten a little cozier in a span of less Dez Bryant Jersey than three weeks. When Arenado hit the century mark, his next closest competitor, Paul Goldschmidt, sat nine RBIs back with 91. Now, with about 4 1/2 weeks remaining, Arenado's lead is down to one over the white-hot Giancarlo Stanton (110 RBIs) and the ever-steady Goldschmidt (107), who drove in a pair with his 33rd homer Wednesday against the Dodgers. Nolan Arenado crushes a three-run home run, his 30th of the year, to center field to give the Rockies a 7-3 lead in the bottom of the 7th Arenado Dallas Cowboys Jerseys is seeking some history, potentially his first league MVP Award, in addition to an NL Wild Card berth for his club. Since RBIs became an official stat in 1920, Arenado would be only the fifth player to pace his league in RBIs for three straight years, the first to do so in the NL since the Reds' George Foster from 1976-78 and just the second NL infielder to do it after Hall of Famer Rogers Hornsby from 1920-22. Arenado hasn't exactly been shut out, collecting 11 RBIs in the 17 games since he reached 100, but a slower pace has opened the door just enough. Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton continues making a splash at the plate, reaching the 51-homer plateau in 2017 Stanton sat in sixth place with 86 RBIs on the morning of Aug. 12, but as his home run barrage has taken center stage, a bushel of RBIs has been the byproduct. As Stanton has clubbed a staggering 30 home runs in his last 49 games stretching back to July 5, he's also driven in 60 runs -- 12 more than Arenado, and any other big leaguer for that matter. Stanton would become the first Marlins player in the Dak Prescott Jersey 25-year history of the franchise to capture an RBI crown. "Every time [Stanton] comes to the dish, you contemplate walking him at this point in time," said Padres manager Andy Green last Sunday, after Stanton clubbed his 50th dinger. "He looks about as locked in as anybody I've ever seen. It reminds me of seeing Barry [Bonds] years ago, when I was in the other dugout watching him do what he was doing." Statcast measures the exit velocity, launch angle and projected Dez Bryant Jersey distance of Paul Goldschmidt's home run against the Dodgers Goldschmidt hasn't grabbed as many eyeballs as Stanton, but his 29 RBIs in August is tied with Anthony Rizzo for second-most by any NL player. Stanton's emergence has made the league's MVP race more crowded, but an RBI crown could be a differentiating factor for Arizona's first baseman. "What more could you ask for?" asked D-backs manager Torey Lovullo recently. "For me, I've been saying now for half a season, he is a severe MVP candidate." As more and more statistics Ezekiel Elliott Jersey and measures are introduced, RBIs may not be as hallowed as they once were. But good luck convincing these three sluggers that RBIs don't matter. Their roles are to drive in runs for their clubs, after all, and whoever does so best just might take home the MVP Award.

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Kansas City designated Emilio Bonifacio for a signment over the weekend to make room for that return of Bruce Chen, and thats normally the type of thing that would fall with the cracks of a baseball news cycle. In Bonifacios age-28 season, he put up a .295 OBP between your Blue Jays and the Royals, getting shipped to Kansas City in August for cash considerations, which is a way of saying you deal with him now. Now hes been cut loose barely greater than a week before camp starts, so when that occurs in late January or February, that generally means player number 40 around the 40-man roster just got whacked to pay off a spot for someone new. Thats Chaz Roe, or Everett Teaford, or Pedro Figueroa, the prior three guys who Malcolm Johnson Jersey have been DFAd acro s the bigs. Id wager just one quarter individuals can name all three teams who allow them to go. These types of moves just arent everything interesting.

Except that Bonifacios DFA is somewhat interesting, since the Royals signed him to some $3.5m deal to prevent arbitration not 3 weeks ago, cheap hes suddenly gone now once they didnt just non-tender him earlier this offseason strongly indicates that Chen takes his budget slot, as well as his roster spot. (That the Royals seem to be calling it a day having a payroll close to $89m-90m, thus forcing these to go with the abysmal Pedro Ciriaco as a backup instead, is another matter entirely for any team with holes that wishes to contend.) Before the Royals signed Omar Infante, there were non-ludicrous discu sions to be had about Bonifacio starting 2014 because the teams starting second baseman, then moving to the super-sub role hes ideal for if and when they improved in the position.

Now hes out there in DFA limbo, and what otherwise might have been a minor transaction is illuminating the imaginations of fans over the sport. Theres more than a few SBnationteamblogswonderingif theirteamshould pursue Bonifacio.Heres a well-known independentPhilliesblog. A Mets one. AYankeesone. ADodgersone, which within the interest of transparency I'll admit is mine, though I didnt write that post. JustsearchIsEmilio Bonifacioa fit for on the internet, using the search limited to the last week, and youll see pages of interest.

Fans and bloggers don Walter Jones Jersey t make transactions happen, but you understand why. (In addition to, its February 3 and everyone is bored.) As camp looms, teams all over are eager to generate competition for their benches, and also the cupboard is e sentially bare. You can see that by taking a look at ourfree agents depth chart, that has onlyJustin Turner,Jeff Baker,Nick Green, andSam Fuldat Bonifacios primary positions of second, third, and center. (Even Baker is a second baseman in name only, since he exists basically to crush lefty pitching, making him not at all a reasonable similar to Bonifacio.) Someone actually gaveCesar Izturisa camp invite, and Ramon Santiago, and Chone Figgins, andOmar Quintanilla, andChris Nelson, and evenYuniesky Betancourt, though he had to leave the hemisphere to find it. If still youre seeking to improve your depth at this point within the offseason in any way other than signingStephen Drewand forcing a current starter towards the bench, youre basically at the losing end of a game of musical chairs.

Bonifacio is actually a flawed player, since you dont get sold and then DFAd should you arent, and he clearly were built with a lousy year using the bat, only part of a lousy year. Despite the fact that poor OBP and the poor wOBA that comes with it .279, tied with Vernon Wells and Placido Polanco for 11th-worst among those with 400 plate appearances last year he adds enough value on the bases as well as on defense he was still slightly above replacement. (Along with the difficult-to-measure value that is included with having the ability to extend a roster by playing multiple positions.)

When I say part of a lousy year, thats because after being atrocious with Toronto, hitting.218/.258/.321 in 94 games after theyd ensured to have him contained in the huge Jose Reyes trade, he discontinued to Might and hit.285/.352/.348 in 42 games and 179 plate appearances, adding a complete win and starting 28 from the final 34 games at second base. A .369 BABIP without doubt had something related to that, but so did a stroll rate that improved from 4.6% with Toronto to 9.5% using the Royals, and considering his BB% was between 8.5% and 9.2% in every of his previous three seasons, its much easier to check out the Toronto number as the anomaly there.

But nobody wants Emilio Bonifacio because of his bat; they want him because of his legs, and because of his ability to play multiple positions, some even much better than terribly. Like a second baseman, he was worth 10 DRS in 2013 alone, even considering what was reportedly a difficult early adjustment to the turf in Toronto. Hes been roughly average to just below in over 1,000 career innings at third base, depending on your metric of choice, along with a bit worse than that at shortstop and center, though a minimum of with countle s Frank Clark Jersey innings of expertise each and every in the event you need it.

RankPlayer / Since 2010PABsR1Michael Bourn260532.62Elvis Andrus274830.53Drew Stubbs228928.74Rajai Davis174628.35Coco Crisp200328.36Angel Pagan212923.67Brett Gardner180322.38Bonifacio157722.3

Really though, the worth here is around the base paths. During the last 4 years, Bonifacio has 110 steals against 22 times being caught; within the same span, hes tied for seventh in BsR, even with one thousand or even more fewer plate appearances than those on the top of their email list because of a stint within the minors in 2010 and injuries that shortened his 2012. Hes certainly one of just 19 players since 2010 to steal 100 bases, only three have been caught fewer times. He cant always hit; he can always run.

If this is coming off like going after Bonifacio is really a no-brainer, its not, because two teams in the last 6 months have now decided they dont want him, and $3.5 million for any flawed bench player is too much for some clubs. During the last 3 years, hes been very good (2.8 WAR, .360 OBP this year), injured and struggling (0.4 WAR in 2012), Terrance Magee Jersey and half-awful, half-productive in 2013. You probably dont ever really want him to play shortstop, and ideally hes only a backup second baseman who are able to pinch-run and canopy third and center now and then.

That may not seem like much, but then you appear at a few of the situations teams coping. The Dodgers dont know if they are able to trust newcomer Alexander Guerrero at second base, and also have only Dee Gordon, Figgins, and Miguel Rojas as alternatives. The Yankees infield is the subject of articles about whether theyre the for the worst situation time, most likely not unfair considering that Brian Roberts and Derek Jeter are all but certain to mi s time, and Kelly Johnson isnt exactly experienced at third base. The Mets, pending an unlikely Drew signing, have no middle infield depth behind Ruben Tejada and Daniel Murphy. Atlanta will make utilization of someone who can enjoy second and center thinking about the presence of two of 2013s worst players, Dan Uggla and B.J. Upton. Baltimore doesn't have obvious second baseman, and needs depth at third while Manny Machados knee heals. Milwaukeecant count on Rickie Weeks, isnt certain about Scooter Gennett, and has a supervisor who likes to run.

Im going to stop there lest I name half the teams in the bigs, but the point is created. Considering the weakne s that a lot of rosters have at the end or in particular areas, theres a pretty easy case to make that Bonifacio has some value to offer. $3.5m is probably an overpay, Mike Morgan Jersey however its sometimes hard to remember just how much money is going swimming the sport these days. If a win is really valued within the $6m-$7m range, then Bonifacio need only cost 0.5 wins to become worthwhile. Thats exactly what Steamer has him as, but in only 65 games, and, oddly, having a huge decrease in his BsR projection.

If nobody claims him, Might can simply send him to Triple-A, and perhaps thats all that happens here, because the contract isnt fully guaranteed, theres a few po sible outcomes. But even though the Royals dont seem to want him, theres enough value here and enough need elsewhere that its not unlikely that somebody decides that $3.5m just isnt a lot of money. The available depth pieces got mildly more interesting, as well as in the times leading up to spring training, sometimes thats all we can ask for.

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Like many more, Ive expre sed some bewilderment on Twitter about how exactly the Mets are handling their negotiations with R.A. Dickey. Dickey was one of the games best players in 2012, and also the Mets were reportedly offering him the standard contract Joe Blanton just signed for, and also Braylon Heard Jersey have now improved their offer to make it comparable to what Jeremy Guthrie just signed for. Theres a price reduction involved with signing an extension annually from free agency, but the discount has to be reasonable, which offers dont strike me as overly reasonable. They dont strike Dickey as overly reasonable either.

However, theres a typical retort from some people whenever it is suggested that the Mets pay Dickey like a top-shelf starter. It was just twelve months. Here, see for yourself.

@redsoxbuzztap please stay away frm RA Dickey. Hes a 1 year wonder not well worth the asking price!

Greg Boucher (@gregjboucher) December 4, 2012

Though, I dont believe it is true. Bluejays do not trade J.P for R.A Dickey. One good year! Plus hes 37.

Jordon (@jordon_4) December 4, 2012

Not for a 38 yr old w/one good year RT @nydnharper Source says Mets might get speedy Dee Gordon & top pitching prospect Zach Lee for Dickey.

DodgersBeat (@DodgersBeat) December 4, 2012

I really hope @bluejays dont overpay for a guy that was good for one year (Dickey)

Dustin Funk (@theFunkDust) December 10, 2012

Apparently, theres this idea that pre-2012 R.A. Dickey would be a worthle s nothing, after his fluke season, hes headed right back to being a trick pitch sideshow. That idea is simply hilariously wrong.

61 pitchers threw at least 350 innings between 2010 and 2011. During the above years, Dickey posted an ERA- of 81, and therefore he prevented runs for a price 19 percent much better than the league average. Were using ERA- for Dickey because knuckleballers have a long exhibited history of becoming an exception to FIP, incidentally. That put him squarely between Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum, and Mike Adams Jersey in front of guys like Hiroki Kuroda, Dan Haren, Chris Carpenter, and Mat Latos. Not bad company.

However, the majority of those guys was really a a bit more consistent than Dickey, coupled with a history of excellent pitching prior to 2010. His succe s is a touch newer, therefore if were going to look at a comp for Dickey, we have to find a guy nobody established himself for the first time in 2010. Thankfully, theres a highly touted ace that has performed at nearly the very same level as Dickey in every from the last three years, and the history when it comes to run prevention is a accurate match for Dickey; that guy is known as Ian Wild Jersey David Price.

It may appear like heresy, but take a look at their last three seasons side by side.

SeasonNameIPK/BBHR/9BABIPLOB%ERA-FIP-xFIP-2010David Price2082.380.650.27079%6986922010R.A. Dickey1742.480.670.27677%7394942011David Price2243.460.880.28173%9086822011R.A. Dickey2082.480.780.27875%891011032012David Price2113.470.680.28581%6677752012R.A. Dickey2334.260.920.27580%728784

They arrived various ways, but its hard to tell 2010 Dickey from 2010 Price. Their K/BB, HR/9, BABIP, and LOB% are simply the same, and never surprisingly, they both were one of the league leaders in run prevention; Price ranked #7 in MLB in ERA-, Dickey was #10.

In 2011, both went backwards in terms of results, because they both threw in the towel more hits and residential runs which led to lower strand rates, and again, they basically posted exactly the same ERA-, though this time, it represented great results instead of great ones. Prices problems stranding runners masked his breakout, though, as he drastically cut his walk rate and improved his overall profile. Dickey kept doing his thing, looking like basically the same pitcher as before, just with fewer stranded runners.

Then, last year, both Dickey and value place it all together. They were again one of the leagues best at preventing runs, but both made it happen with dramatically better peripherals than in 2010. Rather than just having ace-like results, both pitched liked aces, and were honored with Cy Young Awards for completing their first season as a legitimate #1 starter.

Because Price is an old #1 pick who throws 95 MPH, theres no skepticism about his history. No one ever describes David Price like a twelve months wonder. And yet Ben Roethlisberger Jersey , when you actually look at his performance during the last three years, its hard to create a case that hes been different than Dickey. Over the total of his last three seasons, Price has an ERA- of 75, while Dickey has an ERA- of 78. The full list of pitchers by having an ERA- between 75 and 80 during the last 3 years: David Price, Cole Hamels, CC Sabathia, Felix Hernandez, Gio Gonzalez, Matt Cain, and R.A. Dickey. Thats his number of peers, not according to one great year, but on three excellent seasons where Dickey has been among the games best starters.

Yes, he was better last year than he'd experienced prior years. So was David Price. If youre going to call one of them Jerome Bettis Jersey a 1 year wonder, you have to give them a call both a fluke. Personally, Ill just go another direction, and call each of them elite starting pitchers, worthy of all of the adulation you need to throw their way. And, in Dickeys case, worth the contract hes requesting. Just stop lowballing him and spend the money for man. Hes earned it.

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Over yesteryear week . 5, the response to Buster Poseys season-ending injury produced a lot of sanctimony, as pundits have gone backwards and forwards between deploring that one of baseballs brightest young stars would mi s the year, and deploring the hypocrisy that previous catcher injuries have not brought about debate about a rules chance. Amidst all the blather and debate about rules, though, Billy Beanes Athletics have suggested a team-oriented answer. Beane effectively ordered his catcher, Kurt Suzuki, to avoid injury:I believed to him, I dont would like you planting yourself in front of the plate waiting to get creamed. You Gerald Rivers Jersey re a sports catcher be athletic. I dont wish to lose you for six months.

To me, this appeared like an amazing public admi sion: I cant remember another baseball executive telling the pre s he instructed a player to try and prioritize avoiding injury. In a blog post yesterday, Buster Olney suggested the greatest impact of Beanes move may the truth that hes providing public cover to Suzuki. Suzuki publicly agreed with the plan and described his future method of plays at the plate in strategic terms, as he told the San Jose Mercury-News: If I've got a feeling its likely to be a bang-bang play, and Im putting myself inside a vulnerable position, Im not going to stand in front of [the runner] If I think hes likely to slide, then Ill take my chances. Now that Beane has gone to the pre s, more players can save face in baseballs macho culture while avoiding injury, making it appear to be sound baseball strategy rather than selfishne s or cowardice a lot more like Rogers Hornsby and le s like Roger Dorn.Changing the culture is more important, and much more effective, than changing the guidelines. On Baseball Tonight, Bobby Valentine disputed the notion that no one has ever carried this out before, saying that he gave similar instructions to Mike Piazza and Ivan Rodriguez when he managed them, and that his father-in-law Ralph Branca told him that Roy Campanella not used at all to block the plate, either. This is a common-sense thing. This isnt revolutionary, Valentine said. Beanes innovation is not asking his player not to harmed, its going to the pre s. Benardrick McKinney Jersey Olney spoke with players who admitted to him, from the record, they hope that they obtain the same cover using their respective bo ses, because otherwise they wouldnt feel comfortable with how their teammates perceived them. Im not really in position to inquire about it, due to the other 24 teams of eyes in the room, one player told him. And the macho culture does indeed have a lot to do with it. As Olney explains:

There is an expectation, one Charles James Jersey of the non-catchers, that catchers stand it front of the plate and obtain blasted to save a run. Beane and other general managers and managers strongly disagree, due to the incredible imbalance in the risk/reward equation.

With Beane having broken the ice, more teams will be able to give their players similar instructions. The controversy in regards to a rules change may continue for a long time, on the other hand, Beane is once more in front of the pack. Its hard to make a rules change being more effective than the usual team voluntarily changing its policy; rules changes can take years to be implemented, and, because every rules change is greeted by loophole-seeking competition, rules changes dont always have the intended effect.

In the meantime, every team should realize what the Giants already have: attempting to prevent a single operate on a bang-bang play isnt worth Carlos Santana being out throughout the 2010 season, or Ryan Doumit being out for June 2011. Whether or not the catcher loses fractions of a second by taking a sweep tag instead of trying to block the plate, significantly reducing the chance of injury is well worth a slight increase in the chance the runner scores. Perhaps the most heartbreaking thing about the Posey collision is that Scott Cousins would have scored anyway: bone-breaking as it was, the collision didnt knock the ball Owen Daniels Jersey loose, because Posey never caught it cleanly to begin with.

Instructing catchers to prevent blocking the plate won't prevent all catcher injury. Mike Mathenys career-ending concu sion in 2006 came because of a series of foul tips, not really a the dish collision, and foul tips will continue to produce an risk of harm to catchers so long as we keep having human beings behind the plate rather than robots. Matheny is against a rules switch to protect catchers, and that he suggests that the i sue be solved through baseball culture, but his option would be predicated around the unhelpful perception of retaliation: You just place a mark in the column that that kid took a run in a catcher. In my experience, as a catcher, I understand next time I recieve the ball Im likely to place it to him. As Dan Moore (DanUp of Viva El Birdos) highlights: Matheny proposes the proper way to deal with contact at home plate would be to cause more contact in your own home Tony Washington Jersey plate, that ought to somehow end the i sue of too much contact in your own home plate.

Beane and Suzuki are taking the best approach, and Mathenys response shows exactly why. The only way that baseball culture will be able to tolerate a big change such as this is that if it is predicated like a strategic move to win ballgames. Otherwise, old baseball people like Matheny only will state that the best way to settle disputes is by escalating conflict. Once that starts to happen, turning baserunners into Hatfields and backstops into McCoys, well po se s a lot more Busters getting busted while at bat. Blocking the plate is a lot le s important than a catchers health. Its time more teams began to treat it that way.

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All hail the Ottawa Senators, who on Saturday completed one of the biggest late-season runs the NHL has seen. Their reward: an area with the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Mark Stone scored twice from a 3-1 road victory covering the Philadelphia Flyers. Needing the Bernard Pollard Jersey effort amongst gamers to really make the playoff field, the Senators delivered another strong performance.

MORE: Playoff scenarios | Kevin Hayes' eye-popping goal | Penguins hang on to hope

Who woulda thunk it?

Left for dead in the Eastern Conference on Feb. 10, the Senators got the spark they needed from goalie Andrew Hammond. Jerome Cunningham Jersey Of their last 31 games on the regular season, Hammond helped the Sens go 23-4-4. They got 50 of a po sible 62 points in those games, inside of a duration of two months.

Entering Saturday's games, the worst two point totals for all 30 teams were 54 for ones Buffalo Sabres and 56 for any Arizona Coyotes. Both teams played 81 games before Saturday. The perfect point total: Chicago Rangers, 113 after Saturday's game.

Project the Senators' stepped on the full 82-game season, and they would have 132 points.

MORE: Hamburglar around the loose | GM Bryan Murray dying of colon cancer

With their victory, the Senators now wait on Saturday night games to find out their Marcus Mariota Jersey add the playoffs. If ever the Detroit Rangers lose to the Carolina Hurricanes, the Sens would turn to third submit the Atlantic Division. And Saturday's victory a sured they're not going to play the Rangers within the first round.

At worst they can turn into a wild-card team. The Pittsburgh Penguins and Boston Bruins both wanted to win to salvage their playoff hopes. If ever the Penguins beat the Buffalo Sabres, the Bruins could po sibly be eliminated.

The Stanley Cup playoffs begin April 15. And what will Quinton Spain Jersey the Senators and also their goalie, The Hamburglar, do to a encore?

Since becoming the team's starter, CBS Sports noted on Saturday, Hammond has not recently been good, but stunning. He was summoned with Robin Lehner Phillip Supernaw Jersey and Craig Anderson injured and also 20-1-2. Read this article: He allowed five third-period goals in 23 games.

The Senators aren't a one-man team, together with the full kit and kaboodle came through. Now, they be able to write an alternative chapter to a single within the great NHL succe s stories.

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What is a change concerning Madden teen in addition to Madden 18? Currently we look in appointment with the Account manager Madden 18 CoinsSupplier Seann Graddy. Will not don it the size connected with 1-10, most of us just simply say several end users will be different, determined by where did they makes use of the cross activity. For you, in order to find more intelligent security and safety mainly because we are superior all of our AK inside deeply place. This would adjust several of the guides you will be acquainted with doing for the deeply baseball. In addition , the fresh purpose over the technician is defined as a Madden Coinsskill hole procedure. It indicates it can be a technician, it is advisable to spending some time to find out.

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All you can now appear to talk about today is how the 103 million dollar pitcher, Daisuke Matsuzaka, was bombed yesterday in a spring training start. He gave up 2 home runs, to two non-roster players, and ended up surrendering 4 runs (3 earned) in 4 Blake Renaud Jersey innings, which raised his ERA from 0 to three.86. He also struck out 3 and walked none.

What concerning the highly paid pitchers not named Matsuzaka? Surely some of them had an equally atrocious day Chris Doleman Jersey . Here were the highlights from Sundays action:

Brad Penny ($8.5 Million): Sam McCaskill Jersey He threw in the towel 9 hits and 4 runs yesterday in only 3 innings. He also struck out none and it has a 12.86 ERA this spring.

B.J. Ryan ($9.4 Million): 1 inning, 4 hits, 3 runs, 1 Tashawn Bower Jersey strikeout.

Freddy Garcia ($9 Million): 3 innings, 5 hits, 3 runs, and a pair of walks. He didnt strike anyone out.

Mark Buehrle ($9.5 Million): 4 innings, 6 hits, 6 runs, 2 walks, and 4 strikeouts. His ERA stands at 11 this spring. Its only 1.5 higher than he makes in millions.

And that was only Greg Jennings Jersey yesterday. On Saturday:

Barry Zito ($18 Million): 4 innings, 5 hits, 3 runs, 2 walks and 4 strikeouts.

Everyone panic!

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A new reconnaissance survey will probably trail your play with Devin Wade's shoes and boots, if with as well as up from the judge, all of our protagonist never will even be NFL 18 Coinsoften the movie star with the NFL. There will not be a new NFL activity with Longshot, although the fact that report structure will likely be performed with Version Day at the beginning of often the 18017 regional collaboration, so that you abide by Devin Wade through his / her beginning Useful report. In addition , Small lets us know this in the whole style, there will not be there are basket full tv screen mainly because Longshot is often a well NFL 18 Ultimate Team Coins  maintained dvd, not really a huge hooked up team, although is usually unlocked including Chad Rutherson to get Madden 18.

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Aby dzieci z rodzin, gdzie się nie przelewa, nie czuły się gorsze od r wieśnik w 22 sierpnia nastąpiło poświęcenie i przekazanie 1000 plecak w w ramach og lnopolskiej akcji, w kt rą odlat włączasię

Nadszedł dzień pożegnania.

Danuta Sawicka- Malz oficjalnie zakończyła pracę na stanowisku dyrektora Zespołu Szk ł nr 3 w Ełku. 27 sierpnia, w czasie Sesji Rady Powiatu, władze powiatu, radni oraz dyrektorzy ełckich szk ł ponad

Ełk. Poseł Makowski apeluje do władz miejskich, radnych Ełku oraz MZK

Zorganizujcie ludziom możliwość dojazdu do pracy na "strefie" Poseł ma pomysł jak usprawnić przew z pracownik w firm w ełckiej podstrefie Suwalskiej Specjalnej Strefie Ekonomicznej. Do tej inicjatywy

Prostki. Wernisaż i konkurs zwieńczone pysznymi ciastami

Świętowali zakończenie projektu W niedzielę 23 sierpnia 2015 w Gminnym Ośrodku Kultury w Prostkach młodzież uczestnicząca w projekcie pod nazwą Malujemy Przyszłość asertywni świętowała zakończenie

Ełk. Szansa na prezentacje produktów, dotarcie do klientów i pozyskanie partnerów w biznesie

Budujesz, remontujesz? Odwiedź Ełckie Targi Budownictwa i Odnawialnych Źr deł Energii Już 12 września 2015 roku w Parku Naukowo-Technologicznym w Ełku odbędzie się kolejna edycja Ełckich Targ w Budow